A Clockwork Orange, quite an inspirational novel if I do say so myself. The storyline portrays a group of women who were members of “one of the most feared of all London’s street gangs in the 1880s.” With the thoughts of female gangsters running through my head I had many questions. Did these women dress in a burlier and tough demeanor? Is it because they thought the only way to be taken seriously was if they dressed in a certain way? While contemplating these thoughts, I came up with another scenario.


What if they realized that looking like a man wasn’t the only way to feel empowerment? How would they transform? Is there a way for them to look feminine yet powerful?



Based on my alternative situation, I began researching 1880s women’s and men’s fashion. By collaging different ideas together and I created my collection with my vision of what these female gangsters would look like after their transformations. I wanted to let the audience get the sense that anyone can be beautiful and powerful, regardless of gender roles in our society. Why can’t you look badass yet beautiful?