AUTHOR: Michelle Tu
PHOTOGRAPHER: Dalong Lucas Yang


My mother, my greatest inspiration. She had always told me to not be held back by people and to live life the way I wanted to. Being around powerful women all my life had really made me appreciate how skewed social norms are. Although I am not a woman myself, I am inspired by their power and I designed my collection to portray a defiant yet romantic woman.




My childhood was spent mainly in China. There is definitely a cultural difference in the East versus West in terms of women’s rights and how women are able to make a living for themselves. In China, women are typically still very dependent on their partners, whereas here in America, women’s rights are more emphasized and women are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

Although women are suppressed in China, I wanted to know what they had thought about their situation. I asked my mother and she had mentioned that she hopes that more girls grow up to be more self-aware, comfortable, and confident in themselves. She believes this will help them to be more intelligent sophisticated, and independent.




Women may be more suppressed in the East, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want change. They too have a strong mindset and wish for more women’s rights. I pulled from many inspirations for this collection, such as armor, old Chinese novels, and more. To be able to portray women in a powerful yet elegant way was my goal and I wanted to create garments that could be worn to inspire women to “shatter the glass ceiling.”