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Naomi Nano Cardholder

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Pride 2020

10% of Sales in June Will Be Donated to The Center

June is Pride month. And although Pride 2020 will be very different than in years past, it is still an opportunity to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots, celebrate the LGBTQ community and show the world that we are a better and stronger society when we stand up for diversity and uniqueness. It is also an opportunity for a young brand like Han Wen, which is mostly made up of LGBTQ team members and allies, to give back and be grateful for the love and support we receive from the LGBTQ community. Therefore, we are donating 10% of all sales in June to the cornerstone of the New York City LGBTQ community, The Center, a one-of-a-kind organization that empowers community members to lead healthy, successful lives.

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The Cuddler Keychain

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About The Naomi Nano

Unlike most of the Micro/Mini bag, The Naomi Nano is a Cardholder/cross-body bag that was designed into an “Organ-layer” shape, allowing it to hold up to 9 different cards, from your metro cards to your American express. Then it also comes with a slightly thicker interior compartment at the end that will holds some of your cash and coins or even a lipstick. It’s the perfect item for those days when you want to just go light, take some cards and a lipstick with you in this bag and a phone in your pocket or maybe no phone, to just have a relax walk, a coffee break, or meet your friend for brunch.

New Color Available

The Naomi Family

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About the Naomi Slim

Naomi Slim Shoulder Bag is designed in a minimal and sleek yet feminine silhouette, coming complete with multiple storage units and two different length shoulder belts – one for the tomboy-ish crossbody-carry and the other for the womanly side-shoulder-carry. this timeless piece will not only hold most of the necessities the modern day women need to carry around and save them time from Digging through an endless black hole of a tote bag be damned, but also will serve the women perfectly with many different occasions, such as business and work, lunch or dinner dates, night-out and stylish shopping day, as it also comes in three different color.