An exploration of the opposition of things, HAN WEN is defined by a modern interpretation of femininity and an impassioned attention to detail. The juxtaposition of hard and soft, masculine and feminine, sophistication and the avant-garde, all inform an experimental approach to materials and silhouettes. While inspired by fantasies of rebellion and youth culture, an emphasis on precision and craftsmanship yields a collection of edgy, sartorial elegance.

From a young age, Han Wen grew up in an environment where his parents disapproved of his interest in the arts, a common mindset of Asian parents. This included wanting their child to best pursue a career in either law or business; very stereotypical career choices from Asian parents. So as a little child, even though he was forbid to “waist time” in art classes, he would still learn drawing leisurely in his free time by watching cartoons. Since his parents were absent most of his childhood, due to traveling for their business, Han would listen to stories via cassette tapes as replacements for his bedtime stories. After listening to hundreds of those tapes, Han formed a habit of coming up with his own stories for his drawings. There were definitely influences from Han Wen’s childhood that influenced his designs. With the restrictions from his parents, it gave him a mindset of rebellion and his fascination of breaking stereotypes. Also, his interest in stories and narrative had not only emphasizes his imaginations and creativities when it comes to design, but also influenced his motifs for his collections. Rather than just function based clothing/accessories, he believes that people tend to relate and immerse in stories rather than just factual concepts. He enjoys it when the wearer/viewers of the clothing, take the clothing and interpret the narrative in their own perspective. There is a sense of individuality, as well as self-expression.

Han Wen had developed most of this growth during his years studying abroad. When his parents decided to let him move abroad for education, he took the opportunity to secretly starting taking art classes to build his skill sets. When it came time to apply for college, he was set on going to Parsons the New School for Design. Of course the process was kept a secret until he was admitted to school. In the beginning of his college life at Parsons, he had told his parents that he was studying architecture, when in reality he was studying fashion design. During the summer breaks of his undergraduate years, he would even go back to China to take architecture courses in order for him to make his parents believe that he was studying architecture. The architecture skill set that he had built during the summer classes of his undergraduate years can definitely be seen though the silhouette and construction of his pieces.

Han Wen graduated as one of the top ten students in his major and was chosen as the only student to be sponsored to show in London Fashion Week. After seeing his dedication towards the field, success towards the end of his undergraduate, as well as his growing business, Han’s parent finally decided to fully support his decision of launched his eponymous label.

In 2018, After three runway shows on London Fashion Week, Han has decided to focus more on New York where his studio is based, and has recently debuted on New York Fashion Week in February.